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It’s the best film I’ve seen in a while.

Once I was done watching the movie, there was sadness, stillness and wonder how cruel money and greed can make people do things that are unimaginable.

It also made me realize strongly why we need stronger laws for ethics and justice, and the role each of us plays in shaping a fair and equitable society.

This storytelling had brilliance all over it, the visuals, the performance and the music. But what still continues from the 1920s till now is that the exploitation of people hasn’t changed much.

Here’s what we can learn from the film looking ahead:

  1. Learning about history and injustices helps us understand how certain communities have been exploited and oppressed, and it serves as a caution to prevent such atrocities from happening again.
  2. If we had read this in the news, it would have been another story but a movie experience makes us feel and connect with the Osage people and what they had to endure.
  3. Ethical business practices are key to make sure human rights are respected. For that strong policies and laws should be in place for responsible extraction of natural resources and fair distribution of wealth prioritizing human rights and environmental sustainability.
  4. Always question information, seek the truth, and make informed decisions based on evidence rather than accepting things at face value.
  5. Whenever and wherever we can, we need to voice out and stand up for human rights and injustice to people in whatever form it may be. This will at least ensure the wrongdoers that there are people watching and they could be held accountable.
  6. Traditions and Culture matters — no matter where you go and what you do — don’t be afraid to embrace and be proud of your traditions and cultures. The only way it can be protected is when you practice it.
  7. Our natural resources are limited and we can’t keep exploiting it and then dream of having a good life — yes, in the short term it can work but in the longer run, it will all be depleted that we will be left struggling to survive for even basic things to live.

We are in 2024 and still the greed of exploiting people, especially in mineral rich countries, continues where it leaves them in extreme poverty and hunger affecting generations — Congo (DRC) is an example where human rights abuses and environmental degradation are rampant.

Not everything can be changed overnight but slowly and steadily being informed helps to take note and avoid things that can be avoided for a better future.

This story could have easily been a documentary where very few people would have seen but by making it a mainstream hollywood movie with stellar performances — it not only had more eyes watching but also is a tribute to the people of the Osage nation who had to ensure pain and suffering.

If it all anything, it is a reminder that we need to learn from history and work towards a future where exploitation is replaced with collaboration so that greed is balanced and there is justice and equality.

The Killers of the Flower Moon directed by the legendary Martin Scorsese stars Leonardo Di Caprio, Robert Di Niro and Lily Gladstone. It is a true story based on the murders at the Osage Nation — for oil money. Among several Academy Award nominations, Lily Gladstone is the first Native American actor to be nominated for best actor — hope she creates history.