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If there are any film makers in India who can deal with love and emotions at its best, it has to be Maniratnam and Imtiaz Ali. I certainly don’t watch a lot of Hindi films but not one to miss a film by Imtiaz Ali for his take on travel and love.

Tamasha is beautiful in every aspect of the film, what 3 idiots portrayed in a hilarious way Tamasha portrays it with drama (literally) and romance at the helm. It might seem complex but it is a very simple story told in an interesting narrative. If you have watched the trailer it may appear as another candy floss Bollywood film where boy meets girl fall in love, separate and get together in the end. Well, that is the case in every love story isn’t it? But Tamasha is one of those films that make you think about life, love and beyond. In addition to this, you have the maestro A.R.Rahman’s music which is extraordinary be it the songs or the background score.

What is it about?

A girl comes into a guy’s life and makes him follow his passion instead of the mundane robotic routine he lives.


Tamasha is a brilliant cinematic experience that you shouldn’t miss. Imtiaz Ali’s vision is definitely worth praising for dealing with delicate stories like these with a lot of poise. The writing & direction deserves much appreciation and also the actors for bringing life to the same on the celluloid.


 Ved & Tara (Ranbir Kapoor & Deepika Padukone) without a doubt own this film. I haven’t seen their previous outing yeh Jawani Hein Deewani but I have to say Ranbir Kapoor is a genius; his performance is effortless. Deepika Padukone is magical on screen, you can’t take your eyes off her even for a minute; she is a complete package. My favourite part of the movie are the scenes in Corsica, the way Matargashti starts with those crazy dance moves and the apology scene at the bar. Ranbir and Deepika are just terrific on screen.


To this magical performance, you add A.R.Rahman’s brilliance then there can be nothing that can go wrong. All the songs are versatile and hits the right chords. I am sure the songs are going to stay with us for the longest time be it the quirky Matargashti, soulful Tum Sath Ho, happy sad ‘HeerToh Badi sad’ and my favourite ‘Safarnama’. You can just keep raving about the music as it deserves all the praises.

Technical aspects:

Most often when a movie is good, the performances & the music walk away with the majority of credit but the truth is there is an amazing technical aspect of the film that is not much spoken about, the cinematography. DOP Ravi Varman’s work is galvanizing. His work on Barfi was poetic and Tamasha has some brilliant artistic visuals. So is the art work & production design with some awesome locations and meticulous detailing. The costumes of Aki Narula as always a class apart and Anaita Shroff Adajania’s costumes for Deepika is probably what every young girl would want, trendy.


To sum it up, it’s a movie that will remind you to follow your passion with courage and the journey that you take with conviction will have everything you want following you. Most of us are running a race that has no finish line and if there’s one then it is death. We might have money, job and a successful life but we never became what we wanted to. We gave up our dreams to live the regular mundane life like everyone else hence the tagline reads ‘Why the same story again’.


I am not a critic to give it stars et all. I loved the movie, it was worth my time and money. Watch it if you love sensible cinema.

Thank you Mr.Imtiaz Ali for this awesome movie experience.