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Drive With MTV

Nano Drive with MTV is one-of-a-kind Digital show where travel enthusiasts travel across India every year for 21 days in 4 Tata Nanos across 4 zones of India; North East West & South.

The teams have to survive the day with a mere budget of Rs. 4000 for food, fuel and stay for 4 people in the team.
Across 21 days, every day, a full edited video is uploaded and shared on the MTV Networks. The contestants share photographs live from the journey. Points are given to each team based on the number of  views their videos get, the number of likes, tweets and their social interaction online. At the end of the journey, team with the maximum social interaction (converted to points) wins.

The team I was part of #NanoNorth won the season 3 with the highest digital media points.

Wedding Films

Sharing intimate stories as they unfold

Himalayan Journey

Winter trek to the Kedarkantha peak (12,850 feet) in the Himalayan ranges