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When a movie is being remade, it is obvious that there’s going to be million comparisons but when there is the legendary Kamal Hasan associated with it. You are sure that it’s going to be a whole new cinema experience.

To be very honest, I am thinking of adjectives to describe the film and the performances. It would be very unfair to give it a certain set of words and finish it off.

As many would know Papanasam is Jeetu Joseph’s remake of his very own blockbuster Drishyam with Laletan. An engrossing thriller drama about a family who overcome something absolutely unexpected.

The movie in one word is excellent in every aspect of it. It’s 3 hours long & I bet you won’t realize that it was that long. The stellar performances will move you & definitely will make you clap and by this I am not saying just Kamal Hasan, it is by the performance of the entire ensemble cast that includes Gautami, the daughters (Niveda & Esther), kalabhavan mani, M.S Bhaskar,Asha Sharath,Delhi Ganesh & especially this man Anant Mahadevan will stun you in his climax performance. A word of appreciation to all for their impeccable Tirunalveli accent.

Kamal Hasan definitely holds the film and he will most likely have you in tears. Be it his performance or the dialogues on parenthood or about being a protective father, Goosebumps is guaranteed. It seemed as though he had mastered not only the dialect of the hindu Nadar family but also their mannerisms. For the very first time I saw the audience cheering and clapping for the very subtle yet meaningful dialogues.  He has shown his range and versatility of what The Kamal Hasan can do. That’s why he is fondly called ‘Alwarpet andavar’ which means ‘God’ and the climax performance will tell you why. If you’re an aspiring actor this would be a classroom to learn the finest details of acting.

That one look of Kamal at the IG when they find out its a calf was more than enough for me to have watched this film.

Sujith Vassudev’s cinemetography,Ghibran’s music, Jeyamohan’s dialogues, Rembon Balraj’s production design are top notch that makes the film very endearing.

Honestly when I came out, it wasn’t like I watched a movie but had a peak into the livelihood of a simple Hindu nadar family living in Papanasam. In simpler terms, it’s a real, honest & a genuine film after really really long, it’s good to see a film that has been so very well made.The only thing I found difficult to understand was the accent where I had no clue what few words actually meant. Kudos to the entire team.

To compare it with Lalettan’s Drishyam it would be wrong. As both are masters in their own right.

As I read this somewhere, If Mohan Lal is the god of natural acting then Kamal is the God of method acting.

Make sure you watch it with your family & enjoy this cinematic brilliance on celluloid.